US Highbush Blueberry Council -International
Promoting Blueberries to the world

USHBC - International

Welcome to the USHBC international website.  Here you discover the activities of the Council around the world to share the healthy goodness of blueberries.  Also visit some of our in-country websites to participate in this world blueberry renaissance!

USA Blueberries:
USA growers produce more than 242,000 metric tons of highbush blueberries in 38 states!  In recent years, our production has risen to a level where we are able to supply fresh, processed and further processed blueberries around the world.  Our fresh season runs from March/April in the deep south and runs until late September in the Northwest.  Frozen and further processed blueberries such as dried, juice, purees and concentrates are available year-round.  
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USHBC is involved in three major activities around the globe:
1. Market Development in new and existing markets.
2. Optimization and assistance to our industry in export markets.
2. Market Access in blocked markets.